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FAQ's About GreenNet® DSL
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  • Why should I order  DSL from GreenNet®?
    • Customer-oriented technical support and service. This is what set us apart and made us famous
    • No down-time. Free 56K dial-up account included
    • Web Access to E-mail, E-mail users can get their e-mail from  anywhere in the world, at their desk or on the go, as long as their computer has Internet access. No need to fiddle with Outlook or Netscape
    • Free access to our in-house News Server. (Over 50,000 live newsgroups). Others pay for it.
    • On-site priority technical assistance at discounted rates (50% off)
    • An engineer that will resolve your problem, no matter what it is.
    • We can get it where other large providers (i.e. Verizon,  AT&T) cannot.
    • We do all installations. We don't send do-it-yourself kits. If it doesn't work, you don't pay for anything.
  • What does "Installation" include, and why do you charge for it?
    • Our DSL installation charge includes connecting the DSL modem, making sure that there is "sync" (the modem talks to the DSLAM switch at the Telco CO), connecting the DSL modem to the computer, installing and configuring the connection software (if necessary), testing the connection, and setting your personal configuration. This procedure is seldom trivial and it takes us normally one hour. However, we will take as long as it is needed, until it works, for the same flat fee. Unlike Verizon's, our installation charges are not "by the hour".

    • We charge because we send an experienced technician to your location and do everything for you.  If you want to use the do-it-yourself kit sent by the phone company be sure that you know enough about computers and that you allocate about 2 to 6 hours (some of them waiting on the phone for tech support) for the task.

  • Why would I want a dedicated Verizon Data Circuit?

    • DSL Internet service can use the same circuit used by voice service under a different frequency. Once the DSL service is active, you will hear an annoying hissing and crackling noise when you use the phone. This is why DSL filters are required on phone  lines using DSL service. A dedicated data circuit is not used for voice communications, so it doesn't require filters. This is particularly important in business; you do not want crackling voice service when your DSL filter fails.

    • Furthermore, if you use your standard phone line for DSL you have to install your DSL modem and router where your phone equipment is located. This is usually not where your computers (or servers) are located. The result are ugly, unprofessional phone cables running through your desks. A dedicated data circuit is installed professionally where it is needed. It not only looks professional, it works better because there is no interference with your voice service. If your voice line(s) goes down, your DSL service will remain up.

    • Finally, quality phone service is indispensable for business. Do you want to risk (or complicate it by adding another non-related service) your phone service, when all you really want is good, fast Internet access? We think it is better (and safer) to keep the services separate.

  • Why do I need DSL filters?

    • If you use your current voice lines for DSL service you need to use DSL filters in order to reduce the hissing, crackling noise. These filters need to be installed with every piece of phone equipment (including wall phones) that shares the DSL line. Filters are available in computer stores. We provide them for free to all our DSL customers

  • Are there any distance limitations?
    • Yes. You must be within 18,000 feet of your phone exchange Central Office (CO). Your exchange (the first three digits of your phone number) is the important variable.  For example, if you live in Newbury but have a Newton exchange, your location must be within 18,000 feet of the Newton CO.