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Signup Page for ISDN Accounts

1) Which account would you like to have?
Metered (200 Hrs) Includes up to 200 Hours (100 per B Channel) of Internet use.  For a month to month contract price is $ 179.95/month billed monthly.  For a two year contract, price is $139.95.  Each additional hour is billed at $1.00 per hour.
Term of the contract Month to Month  2 Years
Unlimited Includes un-metered Internet usage. For a month to Month contract the price is $259.95/month and for a two year contract the price is 199.95/month billed monthly.
Term of the contract Month to Month  2 Years

All accounts have a $150 setup charge. Requires Verizon ISDN circuit installation. ($200 plus inside wiring -minimum $120). All fees are billed and/or charged in advance.  Pre-paid fees are not refundable if the account is closed before its scheduled maturity.

2) Please provide the following contact information:

Zip Code
Home Phone  
Work Phone  
Alternate Number (Cell, Beeper, etc)  
Email Address  

4) How would you like to pay for this account?

  • a) Credit Card
    • Credit Card  
    • Cardholder Name   
    • Address (If different)
    • City, State, Zip  
    • Card Number
    • Expiration Date  (MM/YY)
  • b) Direct Debit (ACH)
    • Select your account type, and include you routing and transit number, and bank account number in the appropriate boxes.
    • Bank Account Type:       
    • Routing Transit Number:
    • Bank Account Number:  
    • Confirm Routing Transit Number: 
    • Confirm Bank Account Number: 
    • NOTE.- Please send us a VOID check to validate your account to:
    • GreenNet
    • 420 Main St
    • West Newbury, MA 01985
  • c) Personal Check with Invoice.
    • There is a $2 invoicing fee for each invoice sent.  If you do not chose credit card or direct debit, you must send a $25 deposit to open your account to the address below, which will be credited towards your first invoice. You will receive an exact invoice after your account is opened.  If the remaining balance is not received within 10 days, your account will be expired until full payment is received.
    • GreenNet
    • 420 Main St
    • West Newbury, MA 01985


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